Tropical Resources, Volume 27

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  • Alicia Calle, 2007 Compton Fellow
    What Makes an Early Adopter? Transforming Landscapes One Farmer at a Time (PDF)
  • Micha Rahder, 2007 TRI Fellow
    Ignorance or Exclusion? Forest Knowledge and Social Hierarchies in Community-Level Conservation in the Petén, Guatemala (PDF)
  • James Leslie, 2007 TRI Fellow
    Conservation in Flux: Pursuing Social Resilience in Mozambique and Peru (PDF)
  • Georgia Basso, 2007 TRI Fellow
    Understanding Stakeholders’ Values and Concerns: The Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor, Costa Rica (PDF)
  • Chisato Tomimura, 2007 TRI Fellow
    Natural Succession in Caribbean Pine Plantations in Sri Lanka (PDF)
  • Innocent Liengola, 2007 Compton Fellow
    Impact of the Invasive Liana Sericostachys scandens on Forest Composition: Implications for the Recovery of Grauer’s Gorilla in the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, Democratic Republic of Congo (PDF)
  • Natalie Ceperley, 2007 TRI Fellow
    The Role of Íbú ódó Sacred Pools in Preserving Riparian Forest Structure and Diversity along the Ouèmé and Okpara Rivers of Central Benin (PDF)
  • Erin Barnes, 2006 TRI Fellow
    Market Values of the Commercial Fishery on the Madeira River (PDF)
  • Laura Frye-Levine, 2007 TRI Fellow
    Negotiating Globalized Conservation: A Community Context of Exclusionary Discourse (PDF)
  • Baruani Mshale, 2007 Compton Fellow
    Has Community Based Conservation Failed in Tanzania? Lessons from Local People’s Attitudes and Practices Towards Conservation in Morogoro District (PDF)
  • Brenna Vredeveld, 2007 TRI Fellow
    Urban Growth in Peri-urban Quito, Ecuador: Challenges and Opportunities for Comprehensive Land Use Management (PDF)