2006 TRI Fellows


TRI Fellow Project Location World Region
Arrowood, Heather Tarangire National Park Local Perceptions of Tourism and Park Management Tanzania Africa
Barnes, Erin The Uncalculated Costs of the Santo Antonia and Jirau Dams:  Valuing the Madeira River Fishery Brazil South America
Bensen, Catherine The Creation of Protected Areas in Madang, Papua New Guinea:  Do Local Communities Participate in and Influencethe Decision-Making Structure? Papua New Guinea Asia
Berendt, Scott Genetically Midified Cotton: Potential Impacts on Smallholding Cotton Farmers in Mali, West Africa Mali Africa
Botero, Tracy Biodiveristy and Butterflies in Pure and Mixed Plantations of Nine Native tree Species at La Selva Biological Station, CostaRico Costa Rica Central America
Frey, Brent Effects of Patch Size and Anthropogenic Disturbance on Understory Diversity in Forests of the Central Himalayan Nepal Asia
Gangopadhyay, Monisha Transition of Indigenous Knowledge: The Effects of Land-Use Changes on the Transmission of Indigenous Garo Knowledge India Asia
Gould, Rachelle Living from the Forest: NTFP Inventory and Curriculum Development in the Bhutanese Himalaya Nepal Asia
Jensen, Laura Women, Water, and Economic Diversification in Rural Costa Rico Costa Rico Central America
Jiang, Routing Effects of Indoor Particular Matter Pollution from Biomass Fuels Burning and Tobacco Smoke in Sheyang Rural Households, Northeastern China China Asia
Leslie, James Local Institutions Engagement in Decision-Making through Participartory Monitoring and Evaluation: A Comparision of Conservation Projects in Mozambique and Peru Peru and Mozambique South America and Africa
Lewis, Jennifer A Journey Towards Sustainability?: Migration Patterns and Community Forestry in the Amazon Brazil South America
Manickam, Mira Environmental NGOs, Civic Engagement, and  Identity in Southern Thailand Thailand Asia
McManus, Christopher The Role of Wild Food Sources in HIV Affected Households in Rural South Africa South Africa Africa
Neville, Kate Evaluating the Choice Between Public Sector Reform and Public-Private Partnerships in the Water Sector Phillipines Asia
O'Connell, Tina Case Study on the Social Impacts of Negril Marine Park on Local Communties Jamaica  
Pickett, Elizabeth Integrating the Community into Natural Resource Management in Hawaii: A Case of Kiholo Bay State Park Hawaii Asia
Rebelo, Camellie Can Ecotourism be a Successful Mechanism for Community-Based Conservation within PNG Biodivieristy Hotspots Papua New Guinea Asia
Redondo-Brenes, Alvaro Assessement of the Effect of Landscape Matrix on Wildlife Conservationin the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor, Southwest Pacific, Costa Rico Costa Rica Central America
Robertson, Laura GIS modeling of Crop Raiding by Buton Macaques in Southern Sulawesi Sulewesi Asia
Roka, Krishna Armed Conflcit, Environment and Conservation in Nepal Nepal Asia
Sullivan, Colleen Analysis of Charles Darwin Research Station Invasive Species Control Project on the Galapagos Islands: Appraisal of Factors Contributing to Effective Management Ecuador South America
Whitney, Brandon The Political Ecology of Indigenous Discourse in the Ecuadorian Amazon Ecuador South America

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