2005 TRI Fellows


TRI Fellow Project  Location World Region
Albietz, Jessica Watershed Protection for Ecosystem Services in the Makira Forest, Madagascar  Madagascar Africa
Ashley, Rebecca Exploring Cocoa Farmers Adaptation Strategies to Forest Loss in Ghana  Ghana Africa
Bacudo, Imelda Resource User Fees and Sustainability of Biodiversity Conservation  Peru South America
Bassani, Lisa U.S. Tropical Forest Conservation Act: The Politics of Participation and Implementation for Success Peru and Panama South and Central America

Braden, Dan 

Plasticity in Leaf Morphology and Physiology of Native Species Plantings Across a Rainfall Gradient  Panama Central America
Bulkan, Janette Chains of Custody, Chains of Power in Guiana Shield Forests: From Forest Floor to Global Commodification Processes Guiana South America
Butman, David An Analytical Approach to Measure in Carbon in Tropical Peat Swamp Forests: Impacts of Land-Use and Fire on Storage and Atmospheric Emissions  Indonesia Asia
Craven, Dylan Variation of Understory Light Regimes of Native Tree Species Plantings along a Rainfall Gradient in Panama  Panama Central America
Das, Rishiraj  Spatial and Temporal Variations in Watershed Biochemistry in Central Western Himalayas: Impacts of Watershed Management and Land Use  India Asia
Dave, Radhika Sedimentation Impacts on Coral Reeds in South West Madagascar  Madagascar Africa
Francesconi, Wendy Function of Agroforestry Systems in Ecosystem Connectivity: A Case Study from Agro Silvopastoral Systems in Costa Rica  Costa Rica Central America
Franco, Oscar Developing a Conservation Plan for Huancabamba Conservation Landscape  Peru South America
Grossman, Jesse A Study of Kalimantan Peat Swamp Ecosystems: Linking Carbon Sequestration to Land Cover and Land Use Dynamics in Indonesia  Indonesia Asia
Hicks, Emily  Poverty Discourses in Loa PDR  Loa PRD Asia
Kim, Taek Joo Rehabilitating Abandoned Pastures in Panama: Control of the Invasive Exotic Grasses, Saccharum spontaneum, through Shading  Panama Central America
Kramme, Linda From Boardfeet to Biodiversity:  An Institutional Ethnography of One Pulp and Paper Company through its Approach to Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia  Indonesia Asia
Lam, Hugo Comparisons of Growth and Yield Among Five Native Species in Pure and Mixed Plantations at Los Layas, Panama  Panama Central America
Lichtenfeld, Michael Economic Valuation of Ecosystems Services in West Kalimantan, Indonesia  Indonesia Asia
Matsumoto, Ikuko The Private Investment Project and its Social Impacts in the Philippines: The Role of Public Financial Agencies to Respect Local People’s Rights  Philippines Asia
Ogorzalek, Kevin Investigating Local Conservationists' Motivations  Australia Australia
Patel, Krupa The Effects of Land Reform Policy on Land Use Change and Rural Development in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa  South Africa Africa
Price, Sarah Examining the Distribution and Reproduction Ecology of Dicorynia guinanensisin Central Guyana: Potential for Sustainable Timber Harvest  Guyana South America
Schloegel, Catherine Alternatives to Petroleum Development in Tena, Ecuador:  Calculating the Real Price of Black Gold  Ecuador South America
Shenkin, Alexander The Role of Soil and Soil Biotic Factors in Plant Growth: A Comparative Study of Two Sites in Panama.  Panama Central America
Welsh, Kristen Water Sustainability in a Costa Rican Biological Corridor: Assessing Social and Physical Aspects within Local Communities  Costa Rica Central America
Yacom, Larissa Bird Visitation Preferences among Native Planted Trees in Panama  Panama Central America
Griebenow, Gonzalo Estimate of the Number, Age and Size of the Forest Elephant in the Bia National Park  Ghana Africa
Nsala, Rugemeleza Fishing Industry Management in Lake Victoria: Essential Considerations in Natural Resource Management  Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania Africa
Ohene-Gyan,. Godfred Forest Plantation Development (Reforestation) and Alternative Livelihood Opportunities For Forest Fringe Communities In Ghana: Case Studies: Yaya Forest Reserve (Sunyani Forest District, Brong-Ahafo Region) and Worobong South Forest Reserve (Fanteakwa District, Eastern region).  Ghana Africa

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