2003 TRI Fellows


TRI Fellow Project title Location World Region
Nikhil Anand Developing visions: Understanding alternative paradigms for the governance of natural resources India Asia
Jennifer Balch Understanding Disturbance in Venezuela's Cordillera de La Costa Venezuela South America
Avery Cohn Cultivating Knowledge: How Salvadorian Coffee Grower’s Cooperatives Can Become Environmental Educators El Salvador Central America
Jonathan Cook Networking Against Oil in the Ecuadorian Amazon: Local/Global Linkages and the OCP Pipeline Debate Ecuador South America
Sarah Davidson Community Response to International Reforms: A Case Study of Nuevo San Juan's Resistance to Privatization Mexico/USA North America
Raji Dhital Rural production and urban consumption in Biratnagar, Nepal Nepal Asia
Margarita Fernandez Urban Agriculture in Cuba: Analysis of Food Security and Social Services in Havana Cuba Carribean
Libby Jones Small mammal communities in Papua New Guinea’s rainforests: assessing species distribution, resource use, and effects on seed predation and seedling recruitment PNG Asia
Helen Mills Assessment of top down and bottom up controls on fire regimes and vegetation abundance and distribution patterns in the Chihuahuan borderlands: A hierarchical approach Mexico/USA North America
Jonathan Padwe Social Crises and Agricultural Strategies: Resilience Among Swidden Agriculturalists in Northeast Cambodia, 1971-2003 Cambodia Asia
Christian Palmer Examining changing land-use patterns and deforestation in extractive reserves in Acre, Brazil Brazil South America
Alexandra Ponette Managing the Matrix with Agroforestry: A Strategy for the Conservation of Woody Tree Species in Tropical Forest Remnants,  Mexico Mexico North America
Fulton Rockwell Patterns of Carbon Isotope Discrimination Among Site-selected and Site-generalist Tree Species in an Aseasonal Tropical Forest India Asia
Kenichi Shono Effects of silvicultural treatments on establishment, growth and survival of mahogany Belize Central America
Corrina Steward Soybean Production and the Brazilian Amazon: Mapping the socio-economic and ecological factors of agriculture and development in the lower Amazon Basin Brazil South America
Yusuke Taishi Cost-benefit analysis of ecotourism in Kalambatritra Special Reserve in Madagascar Madagascar Africa
Jennifer Vogel Wild Silk Harvesting in the Highlands of Madagascar Madagascar Africa
Kevin Woods Cease-Fire Concession: Transnational Development along the China-Burma Border Burma Asia
Heather Wright Non-timber Forest Tools for Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods: An Assessment of Shipibo Community Resource Use in Parque Nacional Cordillera Azul, Peru Peru South America
Hillary Young Interdisciplinary Analysis of Resources Use in Designing Management Plans: Cordillera Azul National Park in Central Peru Peru South America

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