2002 TRI Fellows


TRI Fellow Project Title Location World Region
Hoang Dinh Silvicultural research and development of new plantation systems using rainforest tree species in north Queensland, Australia Australia Australia
Elizabeth Allison Deities of the land: Mapping sacred landscapes of Bhutan Bhutan Asia
Margaret Francis The future of forests in eastern Amazonia: Patterns of plant succession following fire regimes Brazil South America
Granoff Ilmi Indigenous reserves as a conservation management tool in the Brazilian Amazon: The interface of institutions Brazil South America
Alicia Pascasio Who cares about the Sao Francisco? Mapping the social context of Brazil’s National River of Unification Brazil South America
Emily Sprowls Marine education and children's sense of place in the San Andres archipelago Colombia South America
Heather Coady Annual growth rings in tropical trees:  physiological predictors of formation Costa Rica/Honduras Central America
Qunit Newcomer Social Process Mapping: Establishing social context as a first phase of project evaluation Costa Rica Central America
Bryan Petit Silvicultural and environmental services of mixed and pure plantations of native species for sustainable development in rural areas of the humid tropics Costa Rica Central America
Bob Powell Nature-based tourism and the effects of participation on environmental knowledge, values, and behaviors Ecuador South America
Elizabeth Shapiro Interdisciplinary research as a tool for conservation planning: The coffee agroecosystems of Western El Salvador El Salvador Central America
Nathaniel Carroll The capacity of invaded forest to sustain native Hawaiian birds Hawaii Pacific
Krithi Karanth People in protected areas: impacts of village size on avian biodiversity in India India Asia
Rajyashree Narayanareddy The "peoples plan" for Nagarhole National Park: Adivasi gender relations and resistance strategies India Asia
Yudi Iskandarsyah The impact of forest certification in forest management practices and policy level in Indonesia Indonesia Asia
Florence Miller Tropical oil palm plantations: Carbon storage and uptake in a poorly understood ecosystem Indonesia Asia
Kabir Peay Implications of feedback between ENSO and anthropogenic disturbance of ecosystem function and resiliency in West Kalimantan Indonesia Asia
Betony Jones Are the finders keeping and the losers weeping? The shifting ecological and botanical knowledge of the Rungus in Northern Sabah, Malaysia Malaysia Asia
Soni Mulmi Harvesting patterns and intensity: Effects ion bamboo production and distribution in Jhapa district, Nepal Nepal Asia
Michael Booth Is interspecific variation in plant responses to mycorrhizal colonization a mechanism by which Saccharum spontaneumarrests tropical forests succession? Panama Central America
April Connelly Preferred native tree species and their uses in dry agro-pastoral systems of Panama Panama Central America
Daniela Cusack New strategies for tropical reforestation: understory regeneration in native and exotic species plantations Panama Central America
Naamal De Silva Sea turtle conservation in Sri Lanka: Impact on local communities Srilanka Asia
Uromi Goodale Ecophsiology and performance of pioneer species in a Sri Lankan rainforest: acclimation to light and potential use in reforestation Srilanka Asia
Kevin Coffey Cabbages and Kings: A comparison of plan and unplanned development models in Northern Thailand, Chang Mai, Thailand Thailand Asia

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