National Ecosystem Assessment

Professor Ian Bateman

(University of East Anglia)

Professor Ian Bateman's research seeks to value the true cost of pollution and the true worth of environmental improvements. Recently completed research includes: the ChREAM project which examines the effectiveness of policies to control agricultural pollution as well as the impact of such measures upon farm incomes; the AQUAMONEY project which looks at the recreational and ecological benefits of water improvement policies; and the VERHI project which seeks to guide policies concerned with environmental impacts upon child health. Professor Bateman leads the Economics team for the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (NEA) funded by Defra, the UK National Assemblies and others and is Principal Investigator of the NERC Valuing Nature Network which seeks to bring together natural scientists, economists, social scientists, the policy community and business leaders to provide an integrated basis for environmental decision making. He is also Principal Investigator of the ESRC SEER Large Grant award which seeks to put the ecosystem services approach to decision analysis into practice.