Local & Regional Policy & Management: Part 1

Ecosystem Services in Decision Making

Dr. Heidi Wittmer

(Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research)
Full Lectures
- Ecosystem Services in Decision Making
- Cities and Spatial Planning
- Natural Resources and Poverty

Heidi Wittmer is a senior researcher and deputy head of department of Environmental Politics at the Helmholtz Center for Environmental Research, UFZ in Leipzig Germany. She works on governance of natural resources especially biodiversity governance, applying concepts from institutional economics, property rights analysis and political resource theory. Making ecosystem services assessments useful for policy development and understanding and designing science policy interfaces in biodiversity and ecosystem services from the local to the international level is the current main focus of her research.

Dr. Wittmer headed TEEB’s scientific coordination team and co-coordinated TEEB for local and regional policy she was principal investigator of several multidisciplinary projects in Europe and Latin America and currently works on projects for developing methodologies to implement the TEEB approach field testing them in Thailand and the South Pacific. (www.teebweb.org).