Communications: from Science to Solutions

Dr. Trista Patterson

(Co-Lead, TEEB for Citizens /
Trista Patterson, PhD, was the first ‘ecological economist’ hired into US federal government service (US Forest Service). She studies the counterintuitive (eco-freakonomic) relationships between consumption, cost, and quality of life. Specializing in ecosystem services, Patterson directs research for the Sustainable Operations Western Collective, a program of Whitehouse acclaim for reducing cost, waste, and environmental-impact of federal agency operations. She serves as a lead author on the United Nations Global Environment Outlook GEO5 & co-led the design team of TEEB D4 (TEEB for Citizens), a process which launched   and @TEEB4me.
Patterson earned her PhD with the Costanza lab at the Institute for Ecological Economics (UMD 2005), was named a Meadows Fellow at the Sustainability Institute, and resident scholar at the University of Siena, the Santa Fe Institute for Complexity and the Sustainability Leaders Network- a project of the  Buckminister Fuller Institute. She lives in Sitka, Alaska.
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