Dr. Trista Patterson
Watch Dr. Trista Patterson's lecture, Communications: from Science to Solutions.
“TEEB for Citizens”, originally conceived as a standard report, was instead adapted for worldwide web accessibility (www.teeb4me.com)  and the rising importance of social media ( and ). This shift bears the hallmark of other TEEB successes, principally due to
  1. an extended TEEB consultation with experts (business, marketing, and communication)
  2. TEEB commitment to reach distinct audiences, with tailored information
  3. spirit and willingness to experiment with new tools, concepts, and technology and applications. 
As a result, TEEB D4 continues to grow, engaging a more diverse demographic, in more countries, languages, and ages, at lower cost, than ever before. Our lecturer Dr. Trista Patterson, an ecological economist with the US Forest Service, was instrumental in concepting for these media platforms. In addition, with the help of TEEB partners Spatial Access Communications ( a Media Analytics firm) and MOFILM (an Ad-film crowd-sourcing platform) 55 citizen films were created on the TEEB theme: “Valuing Nature”.

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