Interviews / Q&As

  1. IPCC Climate Report’s Clarion Call for Action

    The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a body of experts convened by the United Nations, gives a stark of the effects of climate change globally and is a clarion call for action. Professor Daniel Esty discusses the key messages.
  2. Solar in the American Mind

    A grant from the U.S. Department of Energy has YSE Professor Ken Gillingham examining what influences the decisions Americans are making regarding solar energy and electric vehicles.
  3. Celebrating Old Growth

    Renowned environmental authors recently took part in a Yale-led discussion that celebrated the release of Old Growth,  a collection of essays and poems about the rich inner lives of trees.
  4. Cities Aren’t Ready for Weather Extremes — No Matter What You Call Them

    Xuhui Lee, a professor of meteorology at F&ES, says that it’s difficult to link climate change to two recent hurricanes that devastated parts of the U.S. and the Caribbean. But decades of scientific research do suggest that weather extremes such as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will become more common — and cities will pay a steep price.
  5. Market Insights: Aligning China’s Energy Goals With the ‘Public Good’

    Xizhou Zhou M.E.M. ’06 believes that the energy sector can help lift more of the world’s people out of poverty by providing heating, electricity, and the mobility that will provide access to a more connected world. He also sees the need for a robust regulatory system to reduce the environmental impacts associated with the energy sector. These impacts are immediately
  6. Will Politicization of COVID-19 Crisis Erode National Consensus On Response?

    A new survey on public perceptions of the COVID-19 crisis found a national consensus that protecting public health should come ahead of opening the economy. But that dynamic could change quickly as the issue — like climate change — becomes increasingly politicized, Anthony Leiserowitz, director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communications, says in an interview.