Energy and the Environment

  1. The Complex Implications of COVID-19 on Global Energy Markets, Consumer Behaviors

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    From January to February, NASA and European Space Agency pollution monitoring satellites detected significant decreases in nitrogen dioxide over China. The change was at least partly related to the economic slowdown following the outbreak of coronavirus.
    The paralytic effect of the COVID-19 threat on human activities has triggered a steep decline in energy use worldwide, grounding airlines, keeping motorists off roadways, and grinding industry to a halt. 
    Kenneth T Gillingham
    Kenneth Gillingham
    But while this monumental shift has had dramatic short-term environmental implications — including steep emissions reductions in some of the hardest-hit regions — the dire effects on global energy
  2. How Much Energy Do We Really Need?

    Two fundamental goals of humanity are to eradicate poverty and reduce climate change, but achieving these goals will involve trade-offs. New research by Narasimha Rao of F&ES provides insights into these tradeoffs — including the tools needed to relate basic needs directly to resource use. 
  3. F&ES Student Named Switzer Fellow

    Margaret Tallmadge ’20 M.E.M. has been named a recipient of the Switzer Environmental Fellowship, a prestigious program that supports future environmental leaders.
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