Water Resource Science and Management

  1. The Future of Water

    In the face of increased drought, floods, and rapid population growth, combined with the burgeoning water demands from the agriculture, industry, and energy sectors, how can we ensure access to clean water and adequate supplies? Yale School of the Environment Professors Jim Saiers and Shimi Anisfeld offer some thoughts on potential short and long-term solutions.
  2. Science as a Foundation for Policy: The Case of Fracking

    Some research on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on public health has yielded unexpected results — including findings that some expected risks have not materialized. The history of fracking offers important lessons on the proper role of science in environmental policy.
  3. Research on Fracking Impacts Wins 2019 Bormann Prize

    Given rare access to a hydraulic fracturing well site in Pennsylvania, an F&ES doctoral student revealed a surprising finding about the impacts of fracking on groundwater — research that earned her the 2019 F. Herbert Bormann Prize
  4. Yale Economist: Trump Water Rule Ignores Millions of Dollars in Benefits

    The economic analysis conducted by the Trump administration to justify revoking the Waters of the U.S. rule falls short of a defensible and consistent basis, a Yale economist writes this week in Science. The implications go beyond weakening the Clean Water Act — it could undermine the credibility of economic studies conducted by federal agencies.