Climate Change Science and Solutions

  1. A Conversation with Carbon Containment Lab Founder Dean Takahashi 

    Now, in its fourth year, the Carbon Containment Lab founded by Dean Takahashi, former senior director of the Yale Investments Office, has collaborated on dozens of projects — both within Yale and externally — aimed at supporting carbon containment strategies with large-scale implementation potential. Recently, CC Lab, formerly based at the Yale School of the Environment, spun off from Yale

  2. COP28 Highlights YSE’s and Yale’s Leadership on Climate Solutions

    From greening global trade to reducing the “embodied” carbon emissions generated by building materials to de-fossilizing our economy through innovation in green chemistry and green engineering, Yale faculty and thought leaders participating in COP28 emphasized a multidisciplinary approach to addressing the climate crisis. 
  3. Clarifying the Costs of Addressing Climate Change

    Two of the world’s most prominent climate modeling approaches disagree on how much mitigation measures will cost. A new analysis, co-authored by YSE’s Matthew Kotchen, identifies the main source of the problem and ways to address it.
  4. Students and Faculty Prepare to Head to COP28

    Students and faculty from across YSE and Yale will be attending the annual two-week climate summit hosted by the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, where “global stocktaking,” climate finance, and youth participation are expected to take center stage.
  5. Yale Awarded Energy Earthshot to Study Natural Carbon Capture

    Yale School of the Environment Professor Pete Raymond is leading a U.S. Department of Energy Earthshot study that explores promising methods to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and mitigate climate change. The new study, which received $5 million in funding, will be conducted by a Yale team of scientists who have been working together through the Yale Center for
  6. Climate Change in the Indonesian Mind

    Indonesia is the fourth most populous country on the planet and among the world’s top 10 greenhouse gas emitters. However, a majority of Indonesians surveyed by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication say they either know a little about or have never heard of global warming.
  7. Global Trade as Part of the Climate Solution

    Yale Professor Daniel Esty and a group of international experts offered insights on how the global trade system can be restructured to combat climate change and deliver a sustainable future at a climate week panel discussion hosted by the Yale School of the Environment.
  8. The Climate of Climate Change Is Shifting

    While research by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication at YSE shows a fundamental shift toward climate change action in the U.S., founder and director Anthony Leiserowitz says people everywhere need to better understand what the solutions are, as even those most convinced global warming is happening and supportive of climate policies often don’t know what to do.