Climate Change Science and Solutions

  1. Global Trade as Part of the (Climate) Solution

    Yale Professor Daniel Esty and a group of international experts offered insights on how the global trade system can be restructured to combat climate change and deliver a sustainable future at a climate week panel discussion hosted by the Yale School of the Environment.
  2. The Climate of Climate Change Is Shifting

    While research by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication at YSE shows a fundamental shift toward climate change action in the U.S., founder and director Anthony Leiserowitz says people everywhere need to better understand what the solutions are, as even those most convinced global warming is happening and supportive of climate policies often don’t know what to do.
  3. Humidity May Increase Heat Risk in Urban Climates

    As cities come under increased heat stress with rising global temperatures, a new study by Yale School of the Environment scientists finds that urban humid heat can add additional heat risks to urban areas.
  4. International Tropical Ecology Expert Paulo Brando Joins YSE Faculty

    Paulo Brando, an internationally recognized expert of tropical ecosystems, joins the Yale School of the Environment. His research explores the causes of deforestation and forest degradation in the Amazon and the associated consequences to climate, ecological stability, and the potential future pathways of forests.
  5. Architect of Paris Agreement Discusses Nexus of Law and Climate Change

    At a recent conversation hosted by the Yale Environmental Dialogue and Yale Law School, former French Prime Minister Laurent Fabius explained the “unprecedented” legal challenges surrounding the climate crisis and called on nations to “urgently” fulfill their obligations set by the Paris Agreement.