Summer Experience — YSE006

YSE’s required summer experience provides an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills gained during their first year of study and enables them to investigate potential career paths firsthand while building professional experience and expanding networks.

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    Summer Experience Requirement (YSE006)

    Course Description
    The summer experience is an important opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills gained during their first year of study, to gain professional experience, build networks and to investigate potential career paths first-hand.

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    • Research project or work experience between 10 and 12 weeks, typically between the summer of first and second year of the program.  
    • Students individually design a summer practicum closely aligned with individual academic and career goals.
    • Students are responsible for securing their own internship or developing a relevant research project with appropriate faculty supervision.
    • Students apply for and secure their own summer funding. Please note, students interning with for-profit organizations are expected to secure partial funding from them. 
    • Students must complete appropriate online forms before and after the experience in order to receive course credit. 
    • Required for all master's candidates. 0 Credits.

    Registration and Completion Summer Funding Resources

    2021 Summer Experiences Data — Map and Listings

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    In accordance with university, state, and national COVID-19 policies and protocols, YSE students were able to once again commence with on-ground, hybrid, and remote research projects, entrepreneurial endeavors, and traditional work opportunities with host organizations around the world for the summer period. 

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