Yale Temperate Forestry (formerly known as SAF)


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Advancing the science, technology, education, and practice of professional forestry and using the knowledge and skills of the profession to benefit society are constitutionally mandated objectives of the Society of American Foresters (SAF). Chartered by the SAF, Yale's student chapter sponsors programs and events which are in keeping with these professional objectives, and facilitates communication among individual members and the regional and national SAF representatives. Major goals of the student chapter include positive interaction and communication with other School groups, and, within the larger Yale and New Haven communities, promotion of the integral role of forestry in the protection of natural resources. The group hosts student, faculty, and guest speakers at regular chapter meetings, conducts field trips and local workshops, and participates in regional and national SAF affairs.

SIG Leaders

Austin Dziki    austin.dziki@yale.edu
Devon Ericksen    devon.ericksen@yale.edu
Michael Storace    michael.storace@yale.edu
Reid Lewis    reid.lewis@yale.edu
Brittany Wienke    brittany.wienke@yale.edu
Schuyler Borden    schuyler.borden@yale.edu
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