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    Three F&ES Faculty Make ‘Highly Cited Researchers’ List

    Professors Michelle Bell, Mark Bradford, and Karen Seto were three of 6,000 researchers worldwide to be recognized by Clarivate Analytics for their published papers from the past decade being among the most cited in their field.

  2. Photograph of a forest

    Forest Fragmentation Research Earns 2021 Bormann Prize

    Meghna Krishnadas’ doctoral research into how forest fragmentation alters the underlying mechanisms shaping patterns of tropical tree regeneration and forest diversity was recognized for its novel insight into ecological processes.

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    Yale to Launch Center for Natural Carbon Capture

    A $100 million gift from FedEx will help fund the new Center, which will be focused on developing natural solutions for reducing atmospheric carbon. The Center will support and accelerate research across academic disciplines, helping to establish a more sustainable and healthier future for our planet.

  4. News

    Connecticut River Watershed Study Will Assess Impacts of Extreme Rain Events

    A team of Yale researchers will lead a five-year, $3 million study to determine whether an increase in extreme rain events is affecting the transport of dissolved organic matter through the Connecticut River watershed, a phenomenon they say could alter the chemical composition and water quality of the watershed and the Long Island Sound.

  5. Dar es Salaam

    Latest IPCC Report Highlights How ‘Smarter’ Cities Can Mitigate Climate Change

    Providing some hope in the push for climate action, the IPCC report’s chapter on urban mitigation, led by Yale School of the Environment Professor Karen Seto, outlines how cities have an opportunity to increase resource efficiency and significantly reduce GHG emissions through smarter design and greener infrastructure.

  6. An automotive assembly line

    YSE Study Finds Electric Vehicles Provide Lower Carbon Emissions Through Additional Channels

    A recent YSE-led study published in Nature Communications found that the total indirect emissions from the supply of chain of electric vehicles pale in comparison to the same indirect emissions from fossil fuel-powered vehicles.

  7. Housing in the American southwest

    Near Total Loss of Historical Lands Leaves Indigenous Nations in the U.S. More Vulnerable to Climate Change

    YSE-led study finds that Indigenous nations across the United States have lost 98.9% of their historical land base; historical land dispossession is associated with current and future climate risk.