Species and Ecosystem Conservation

An Interdisciplinary Approach

Bulletin 105
276 pages, 2001

Timothy W. Clark, Michael J. Stevenson, Kim Ziegelmayer, Murray B. Rutherford, Editors

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Leadership in Species and Ecosystem Conservation
Timothy W. Clark, Michael J. Stevenson, Kim Ziegelmayer, and Murray B. Rutherford
Galapagos Islands: Managing Introduced Species in an Endangered Ecosystem
(featured case) Michael J. Stevenson
Conserving Biodiversity in Hawaii: What is the Policy Problem?
Jonathan L. Scheuer and Timothy W. Clark
Zoos and Conservation: Policy Making and Organizational Challenges
Nicole A. Mazur and Timothy W. Clark
The Policy Frontier: Sustainability Planning in Teton County, Wyoming
Sue Lurie and Timothy W. Clark
Organizing an Effective Partnership for the Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
Timothy W. Clark and David L. Gaillard
Conclusion: Knowledge and Skills for Professional Practice
Timothy W. Clark, Murray B. Rutherford, Kim Ziegelmayer, and Michael J. Stevenson
Publication Series / Species and Ecosystem Conservation