Developing Industrial Ecosystems

Approaches, Cases, and Tools

Bulletin 106
460 pages, 2002

Marian Chertow, Editor
Michelle Portlock, Assistant Editor

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Part I: Tools From Industrial Ecology
Yale University Electronics Recycling
Stephanie Campbell, Yusuke Kakizawa, Everett Meyer, and Karma Rapten
New Milford Farms and Organic Residue Recycling
Deborah Gross, James Levy, David Pinney, and Kathleen Schomaker
The Power of Trash: Harnessing Electricity, Carbon Dioxide, and Heat from a Landfill’s Methane Gas
Samuel Chi, Andrea Cristofani, Maria Ivanova, and Lawrence Reisman
The MatchMaker! System: Creating Virtual Eco-Industrial Parks
Jason Brown, Daniel Gross, and Lance Wiggs
Clark Special Economic Zone: Finding Linkages in an Existing Industrial Estate
Elizabeth B. Bennett, Erin L. Heitkamp, Robert J. Klee, and Peter Price-Thomas
Part II: Strategies And Opportunities
Connecticut Newsprint: A Conceptual Model for Eco-Industrial Material Flows
Benjamin Morton, Suganthi Simon, and Thomas Stirratt
AES-Thames and the Stone Container Corporation: The Montville Eco-Industrial System
Susan Becker, Concho Minick, Marc Newman, and Zephyr Sherwin
Wallingford, Connecticut Eco-Industrial Park: A Question of Scale
Sarah Johnson, Stewart Stewart, Robert Tierney, and Alice Walker
The Green Triangle of Boston, Massachusetts: An Eco-Industrial Cluster
Terry Kellogg, Douglas Pfeister, John Phillip-Neill, and Susan Weuste
Part III: Integrated Bio-Systems
Integrated Bio-Systems: Mushrooming Possibilities
Catherine Hardy, Scott Hedges, and Dylan Simonds
Waste Equals Food: Developing a Sustainable Agriculture Support Cluster for a Proposed Resource Recovery Park in Puerto Rico
Alethea Abuyuan, Iona Hawken, Michael Newkirk, and Roger Williams
Part IV: The Urban Context - Studying New Haven
Efficacy of Industrial Symbosis for Food Residues in the Greater New Haven Area
Kira Drummond, Michelle Garland, Brian O’Malley, and Nam Jin Zeon
Industrial Symbiosis in New Haven Harbor: English Station West
Mackenzie Baris, Katherine Dion, Chris Nelson, and Yujun Zhang
Part V: Exercises For Executive Education And Classroom Use
Eco-Industrial Primer
Robert J. Klee
New Haven Harbor Eco-Industrial Development Exercise
Robert J. Klee
Nanjing, China Eco-Industrial Development Exercise
Scott Hedges
Publication Series / Developing Industrial Ecosystems