Gao Yufang

Ph.D. student in Conservation and Anthropology

Selected Publications

· Gao, Y., Stoner, K. J., Lee, A. T., Clark, S. G. (2016). Rhino horn trade in China: An analysis of the art and antiques market. Biological Conservation,201, 343-347.
· Chen, P., Gao, Y., Wang, J., Pu, Q., Lhaba, C., Hu, H., Xu, J., Shi, K. (2016). Status and conservation of the Endangered snow leopard Panthera uncia in Qomolangma National Nature Reserve, Tibet. Oryx, 1-4.
· Chen, P., Gao, Y., Lee, A.T., Cering, L., Shi, K., Clark, S.G. (2016). Human–carnivore coexistence in Qomolangma (Mt. Everest) Nature Reserve, China: Patterns and compensation. Biological Conservation, 197, 18-26.
· Gao, Y., Clark, S.G. 2014. Elephant ivory trade in China: trends and drivers. Biological Conservation, 180: 23-30.
· Gao, Y. 2014. Elephant ivory trade in China: comparing different perspectives. Yale University Tropical Resources Institute Bulletin, 32-33: 101-107.