Oswald J. "Os" Schmitz

Senior Associate Dean of Research & Director of Doctoral Studies; Oastler Professor of Population and Community Ecology

Photo of Oswald J. Schmitz



Tel: 203 436-5276

Faculty Support
Eleanor Migliore, 203 432-5732



B.SC., M.S.C., University of Guelph, Ontario
Ph.D., University of Michigan


Professor Schmitz’s research examines the dynamics and structure of terrestrial food webs. His specific focus is on plant-herbivore interactions and how they are shaped by carnivores and soil-nutrient levels, both at the level of herbivore foraging ecology and plant-herbivore population dynamics. He is also examining how natural systems are resistant and resilient to natural and human-induced disturbances. His approach involves developing mathematical theories of species interactions in food webs and testing these theories through field experiments. The work deals with a variety of ecosystems and herbivore species, ranging from moose deer and snowshoe hare in northern Canadian forests to insects in New England old-field ecosystems.

Video: The Predator, Prey, Plant Connection