Narasimha Rao

Assistant Professor of Energy Systems

Selected Publications


Mastrucci, A., E. Byers, S. Pachauri, ND Rao, Improving the SDG energy poverty targets: residential cooling needs in the Global South. Energy and Buildings. doi

Rao, ND, M. Poblete-Cazanave, R. Bhalerao, KF Davis, S. Parkinson, Spatial analysis of energy needs and GHG emissions of food grains in India. Science for Total Environment 654(1):841-849. doi


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Rao, ND, P. Sauer, M. Gidden, K. Riahi, Income inequality projections for the Shared Socioeconomic Pathways, Futures. doi

DeFries, R., K. Davis, ND Rao,et al. Assessment of opportunities to reduce iron-deficient anemia from coarse cereals in the Indian diet, Food and Nutrition Bulletin. doi

Mastrucci, A., ND Rao, Bridging the Indian housing gap: Lowering costs and CO2 emissions, Building Research & Information. doi

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Dubash, N; R. Khosla; ND Rao; A. Bhardwaj. India’s energy and emissions future: An interpretive analysis of model scenarios, Environment Research Letters 13(7) 074018. doi

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Rao, ND., J. Min, R. DeFries, SH Ghosh, H. Valin, J. Fanzo. Healthy, affordable and climate-friendly diets in India. Global Environmental Change, 49: 154-165. doi

Rao, ND, J. Min. Less global inequality can improve climate outcomes. WIREs Climate Change.10.1002/wcc.513doi

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