Peter Berrill

PhD student in Industrial Ecology

Photo of Peter Berrill

380 Edwards Street
New Haven, CT


BE Energy Systems Engineering
MSc Industrial Ecology



Peter completed his Bachelor of Engineering in Energy Systems Engineering in NUI Galway in 2013 before continuing to the Netherlands, Japan and Norway on an Erasmus Mundus funded MSc in Industrial Ecology. After graduating in 2015 he spent time working as a researcher at the Industrial Ecology group at NTNU, Norway. 

He studies life cycle environmental impacts of consumption generally, and energy production and use at macro and meso levels. 

Current research includes strategies to reduce life cycle material, energy, and GHG impacts from the residential sector in the US, and the contribution of consumption of capital assets to GHG, energy, and material footprints in the US (

Previous research includes scenario analysis of electricity systems for Europe (, and district energy supply system anaylsis of polygeneration alternatives (