Paul Berne Burow

PhD Candidate

Selected Publications

P.B. Burow, S. Brock, and M.R. Dove. 2020. “Land, Indigeneity, and Hybrid Ontologies.” In Living Earth Community: Multiple Ways of Being and Knowing. S. Mickey, M. Tucker, and J. Grim, eds. Cambridge: Open Book Publishers. pp 193-202. DOI:

Burow, P.B., K. McConnell, and J. Farrell. 2019. “Social Scientific Research on the American West: Current Debates, Novel Methods, and New Directions.” Environmental Research Letters 14: e125012. DOI:

Dove, M. R., A. Johnson, M. Lefebvre, P. Burow, W. Zhou, and L. Kanoi. 2019. “Who Is in the Commons: Defining Community, Commons, and Time in Long-Term Natural Resource Management.” Global Perspectives on Long Term Community Resource Management. L. R. Lozny and T. H. McGovern, eds. Cham: Springer. pp 23-40. DOI:

Burow, P. B., S. Brock, and M. R. Dove. 2018. “Unsettling the Land: Indigeneity, Ontology, and Hybridity in Settler Colonialism.” Environment and Society 9: 57-74. DOI:

Atwell, K., P. Burow, and N. Santos. 2007. “LED Standard Traffic Signals.” Review of Policy Research 24(7): 468-7.