Florencia Montagnini

Senior Research Scientist, and Director, Program in Tropical Forestry, Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry.

Teaching Statement

From my experience in tropical forest ecology, restoration and agroforestry I have developed introductory courses and advanced seminars in tropical forest ecology and management, soil science, agroforestry, and restoration ecology. I hold honorary professorships at several universities in Latin America, and I teach Spanish language versions of these courses periodically.

I also teach on-line courses and short field courses as part of ELTI (Environmental LeadershipTraining Initiative) programs in Tropical Forest Ecology and Management, Restoration and Agroforestry, both in English and in Spanish.

As a Senior Research Scientist at Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies I am currently offering enrollment for credit (1-4 credits/semester) in either of two Project Courses:

  • F&ES 1330: Independent Study
  • F&ES 2330: Master's Project.

Subject of projects may correspond to the following:

  • Tropical Forest Ecology: biology, conservation, management
  • Agroforestry Systems: Productivity, Environmental Services, Rural Development
  • Ecological Restoration, especially in agricultural/forest landscapes
  • Soil Conservation and Management
  • Environmental services of forest and agroforestry systems: biodiversity conservation, carbon sequestration
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Value-added, market-oriented projects involving non-timber forest products