Xuhui Lee

Sara Shallenberger Brown Professor of Meteorology

Teaching Statement

My teaching concentrates on the applied aspects of atmospheric sciences and is structured with two different but overlapping themes. In one, I place emphasis on preparing students for professional careers by teaching skills necessary for analyzing problems arising from human interference with the atmospheric environment. In the other, I target students who are pursuing a research career.

My course portfolio adopts a pedagogy that strikes balances between basic principles and real-world experience and between structured lecture and student-led discussion. My graduate-level introductory course “Climate and Life” discusses the basic principles of meteorology and their applications in the management of natural resources and air quality. My advanced graduate course, “A Biological Perspective of Global Change” aims to promote understanding of the interface between major aspects of global change and biospheric system. In my seminar “Climate Change Science and Policy”, I expose students to current debates about climate change science, adaptation and mitigation strategies.