Joseph Orefice

Lecturer and Director of Forest and Agricultural Operations

Selected Publications

Orefice, J., Smith, R.G., Carroll, J., Asbjornsen, H., and T. Howard. (in press).A comparison of open pasture, silvopasture, and thinned forest productivity during the first two years post initial treatment. Agroforestry Systems 00: 000-000

Orefice, J. (2018). Preliminary Results on the Timing of Tapping of Maple and Birch in the Northern Adirondacks. The Maple News Jun/July 2018

Orefice, J. (2018). Three Years of 3/16” Research at the Uihlein Forest. The Maple News Jun/Jul 2018

Orefice, J. (2018). A heavy load: forestry and suicide. The Forestry Source 23(3): 17

Orefice, J., Smith, R.G., Carroll, J., Asbjornsen, H., and D. Kelting. (2017). Soil and understory plant dynamics during conversion of forest to silvopasture, open pasture, and heavily thinned woodlot. Agroforestry Systems 91: 729-739

Orefice, J. and J. Carroll. (2017). Silvopasture, it’s not a load of manure: differentiating between silvopasture and wooded livestock paddocks in the northeastern United States. Journal of Forestry 115(1): 71-72

Orefice, J., Carroll, J., Conroy, D., and L. Ketner. (2017). Silvopasture practices and perspectives in the northeastern united states. Agroforestry Systems 91: 149-160

Orefice, J., Carroll, J., and L. Ketner. (2016). Photo Guide to Northeastern United States Silvopasture. Available online at:

Covey, K.R., Orefice, J., and X. Lee. (2012). The physiological ecology of carbon science in forest stands.In“Managing Forest Carbon in a Changing Climate” (Eds., M.S. Ashton, M.L. Tyrrell, D. Spalding, and B. Gentry). Springer, Dordrecht Heidelberg London New York.