Jenn Hoyle Fair

PhD Candidate, Saiers Lab

Selected Publications

Hosen, J., J. Hoyle Fair, E. Kyzivat, S. Matt, L. Weber, B. Yoon, P. Raymond, 2017. Testing the Pulse-Shunt: in situ data reveals scaling and hydrology controls on carbon uptake in a river network (in prep.)

Yoon, B., J. Hosen, E. Kyzivat, J. Hoyle Fair, L. Weber, K. Aho, R. Lowenthal, S. Matt, W. Sobczak, B. Poulin, J. Shanley, J. Morrison, J. Saiers, A. Stubbins, P. Raymond, 2017. The central role of light in regulating DOM in temperate watersheds (in review)

C. L. Romulo, S. Posner, S. J. M. Cousins, J. Hoyle Fair, Huber-Stearns, H. R., D. E. Bennett, and R. C. Richards, 2017. Social and environmental conditions that enable payment for watershed services programs for the world's largest cities (accepted pending revisions, Nature Communications)

Huber-Stearns, H. R., D. E. Bennett, S. Posner, R. C. Richards, J. Hoyle Fair,S. J. M. Cousins and C. L. Romulo. 2017. Social-ecological enabling conditions for payments for ecosystem services. Ecology and Society 22 (1):18.

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