Timothy G. Gregoire

J. P. Weyerhaeuser, Jr., Professor of Forest Management

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Tel: 203 432-9398
Fax: 203 432-3809

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Timothy De Cerbo, 203 436-4421



B.S., Princeton University
Ph.D., Yale University

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Professor Gregoire’s research is directed to the application and development of statistical methods for natural resources and environmental phenomena. One longstanding focus has been on probability sampling techniques and a second focus has been on statistical modeling of longitudinal and spatially correlated data. The results of his research have been published widely in the forestry, ecology, and statistical literature of both subject areas. His books include Sampling Methods for Multiresource Forest Inventory; Modeling Longitudinal and Spatially Correlated Data; and Sampling Strategies for Natural Resources and the Environment. Recent pursuits include the design and planning of the national forest inventory of Bhutan; the development of estimators of aboveground forest biomass following laser altimetry; the effect of measurement error when using ratio estimation; quantile regression modelling of tree diameter distributions; and the nature of statistical inference. Professionally, he has been a leader in organizations that promote the use of biometrics and environmental statistics. He is an elected Fellow of the American Statistical Association; a former regional president of the International Biometric Society; and the recipient of the Forest Science Award granted by the Society of American Foresters. He has served as a section editor of the multivolume Encyclopedia of Environmetrics, and currently serves as associate editor for Silva Fennica, for Environmetrics, and for Environmental and Ecological Statistics. He also serves on the board of directors of the Energy and Resources Institute–North America, as well as the Academic Council of TERI University in New Delhi, India.