Galina Churkina

Visiting Fellow

Teaching Statement

My teaching philosophy goes hand-in-hand with my research strategy. My teaching foster thinking "out of the box" necessary for understanding complex systems, developing systems’ thinking, and creating new knowledge. In my classes I explain the theory, then help students in identifying scientific questions and guide them towards finding the right methods to answer them. In class I combine lectures with discussions and always try to stimulate active participation by students. I enrich the learning process by including hands-on experience with numerical models, scientific film screenings, and fieldtrips.

I enjoy teaching interdisciplinary audiences, even though the can be very demanding and preparation for teaching takes more time. Throughout my carrier, I have been successfully mentoring students with very diverse scientific and cultural backgrounds.

I offer a range of classes from technical skill courses on modeling the structure and function of ecosystems to the seminars about multifaceted interactions of cities and the environment.