Fjodor Melnikov

Publications (BETA)

This is a PARTIAL listing of recent publications, and it will continue to grow as we populate our publications database.


  • Journal Article - Forthcoming
    Coish, P., B. W. Brooks, E. P. Gallagher, M. Mills, T. J. Kavanagh, N. Simcox, G. A. Lasker, D. Botta, S. C. Schmuck, A. Voutchkova-Kostal, J. Kostal, M. L. Mullins, S. M. Nesmith, K. E. Mellor, J. Corrales, L. A. Kristofco, G. N. Saari, B. Steele, L. Q. Shen, F. Melnikov, J. B. Zimmerman, and P. T. Anastas. “The Molecular Design Research Network.” Toxicological Sciences (2017). DOI: 10.1093/toxsci/kfx175
  • 2016

  • Journal Article
    Corrales, J., L. A. Kristofco, W. B. Steele, G. N. Saari, J. Kostal, E. S. Williams, M. Mills, E. P. Gallagher, T. J. Kavanaugh, N. Simcox, L. Q. Shen, F. Melnikov, J. B. Zimmerman, A. M. Voutchkova-Kostal, P. T. Anastas, and B. W. Brooks. “Toward the Design of Less Hazardous Chemicals: Exploring Comparative Oxidative Stress in Two Common Animal Models.” Chemical Research in Toxicology 30.4 (2016): 893-904. DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemrestox.6b00246
  • Journal Article
    Gilbertson, L. M., F. Melnikov, L. C. Wehmas, P. T. Anastas, R. L. Tanguay, and J. B. Zimmerman. “Toward safer multi-walled carbon nanotube design: Establishing a statistical model that relates surface charge and embryonic zebrafish mortality.” Nanotoxicology 10.1 (2016): 10-19. DOI: 10.3109/17435390.2014.996193
  • Journal Article
    Shen, L. Q., F. Melnikov, J. Roethle, A. Gudibanda, R. S. Judson, J. B. Zimmerman, and P. T. Anastas. “Coupled Molecular Design Diagrams to Guide Safer Chemical Design with Reduced Likelihood of Perturbing the NRF2-ARE Antioxidant Pathway and Inducing Cytotoxicity.” Green Chemistry 18.23 (2016): 6387-6394. DOI: 10.1039/C6GC02073A
  • Journal Article
    Melnikov, F., J. Kostal, A. Voutchkova-Kostal, J. B. Zimmerman, and P. T. Anastas. “Assessment of predictive models for estimating the acute aquatic toxicity of organic chemicals.” Green Chemistry 18.16 (2016): 4432-4445. DOI: 10.1039/C6GC00720A
  • Journal Article
    Shen, L. Q., R. S. Judson, F. Melnikov, J. Roethle, A. Gudibanda, J. B. Zimmerman, and P. T. Anastas. “Probabilistic diagram for designing chemicals with reduced potency to incur cytotoxicity.” Green Chemistry 18.16 (2016): 4461-4467. DOI: 10.1039/C6GC01058J