Eli Fenichel

Assistant Professor


Natural Capital Asset Pricing with capN

Download the R package capN for calculating natural capital asset prices, developed by Seong Do Yun, with Eli Fenichel and Joshua Abbott. After downloading and unzipping you can install this R package. The installation folder also includes the user manual. Single asset data, based on Fenichel & Abbott 2014, are included. 

New in version Beta0.0.3:
  • Updated syntax for easier use with multiple stock problems. Specifically vaprox(sdata, aproxspace)  becomes vaprox(aproxspace,sdata) and this applies to paprox, pdotaprox, vaprox, psim, pdotsim, and vsim
  • New plotting function and uniform grid function
  • Two stock example with Lokta-Volterra dynamics
  • Improved demonstration files
  • Update manual

This package is in beta-test. There is a mirror website for reporting bugs and tracking software updates: https://sites.google.com/site/yunsd2004/capn.

The suggested citation is: 
Yun, S., E. P. Fenichel, and J. K. Abbott, 2016, capn: Capital Asset Pricing for Nature (R package), http://environment.yale.edu/profile/eli-fenichel/software.
As capn is continually evolving, you may want to cite its version number. Find it with “help(package=capn)”.

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