Marian Chertow

Associate Professor of Industrial Environmental Management, Director of the Program on Solid Waste Policy, and Director of the Industrial Environmental Management Program

Teaching Statement

My teaching focuses on two topics within industrial environmental management: 1) business and environment and 2) industrial ecology.  I teach at the graduate school level at Yale YSE and the National University of Singapore and also in various executive training programs. 

  1. Business and Environment
    1. I have taught Business Concepts for Environmental Managers for over ten years teamed with an accounting instructor and Dr. William Ellis. The course offers a way to familiarize environmental students with finance, accounting, and how business tools such as net present value and cost analysis can be understood and used to advance environmental objectives.  This course provides a necessary toolkit for those interested in private sector management or in regulating private sector activities. 
    2. Corporate Environmental Management and Strategy is cross-listed with SOM.  This advanced IEM course has two purposes:  1) to examine the role of environmental management in corporations as well as to describe programs, structures, and tools being implemented; and 2) to discuss the relationship of environmental management to competitive advantage in a systematic way, including under what circumstances different strategic approaches are likely to be successful. 
    3. In 2001 I began Business and Environment, a required course in the Masters of Science in Environmental Management Programme at the National University of Singapore.  It blends many of the courses I have been teaching at Yale.
  2.   Industrial Ecology
    1. I have taught Industrial Ecology in the class led by Professor Thomas Graedel for ten years.  My specialties in the class have been tying industrial ecology to waste management, public policy, and technological innovation.  In addition, each year I invent and oversee semester long field projects for student teams in industrial symbiosis.
    2. The Advanced Seminar in Industrial Ecology takes a different theme each year.  Recent themes I have led were The Environmental Aspects of Emerging Technologies and, most recently, Industrial Ecology and the Circular Economy in China.
    3. In 2004 I taught Greening the Industrial Facility which provides an introduction to the environmental aspects of key industrial sectors through which modern society accomplishes its purposes. 
  3. Executive Education.
    1. In the last couple of years I have been teaching executives from 1) the Chinese State Environmental Protection Administration and Ministry of Science and Technology through a program sponsored by the Italian government (2004-2005);  2) the Environmental Management Executive Programme for the Singapore Ministry of Environment and Water Resources (2005-2006;  3) the Public Policy and Sustainable Development Masters Program sponsored by India‚Äôs TERI School of Advanced Studies (2006) and 4) the Chinese Communist Party School (Spring and Fall 2006).