Gaboury Benoit

Grinstein Class of 1954 Professor of Environmental Chemistry, Co-Director of the Hixon Center for Urban Ecology

Selected Publications

GRAF W., C. AICHINGER, B. ANDERSON, G. BENOIT, P. BISSON, M. GARCIA, J. HEANEY, C. JOHNSTON, L. LANE, C. OLSEN, M. PFEFFER, L. SHABMAN, J. STANFORD and S. TRIMBLE (1998) New Strategies for America’s Watersheds: Integrating Ecological, Economic, and Social Factors, National Academy Press, Washington D.C.

KRAMER J.R., G. BENOIT et al. (2002) Environmental chemistry of silver.  In: Silver in the Environment: Transport, Fate, and Effects. (A.W. Andren & T.W. Bober, eds.) SETAC Press.

MYLON S., H. HU and G. BENOIT (2001) Unsuitability of Cr(II) reduction for the measurement of   sulfides in oxic water samples.  Anal. Chem. 74, 661-663.

MYLON S. and G. BENOIT (2001) Subnanomolar detection of acid labile sulfides by the classical   methylene blue method coupled to HPLC. Environ. Sci. Technol. 35, 4544-4548.

MORRISON M. and G. BENOIT (2001) Filtration artifacts caused by overloading membrane filters.  Environ. Sci. Technol. 35, 3774-3779.

ROZAN T.F. and G. BENOIT (2001) Mass balance of heavy metal in New Haven Harbor, Connecticut:  The predominance of nonpoint sources.  Limnol. Oceanogr. 46, 2032-2049.

ZELEWSKI L.M., G. BENOIT and D.E. ARMSTRONG (2001) Mercury dynamics in Tivoli South Bay, a freshwater tidal mudflat wetland in the Hudson River.  Biogeochemistry 52, 93-112.