Adam Roddy

Associate Research Scientist

Selected Publications

Crutsinger GM, Rodriguez-Cabal MA, Roddy AB, Peay KG, Bastow JL, Kidder AG, Dawson TE, Fine PVA, Rudgers JA. 2014. Genetic variation within a dominant shrub structures green and brown community assemblages. Ecology 95:387-398.

Simonin KA†, Roddy AB†, Link P, Apodaca R, Tu KP, Hu J, Dawson TE, Barbour MM. 2013. Isotopic composition of transpiration and rates of change in leaf water isotopologue storage in response to environmental variables. Plant, Cell & Environment 36:2190-2206.

Roddy AB, Guilliams CM, Lilittham T*, Farmer J*, Wormser V*, Pham T*, Fine PVA, Feild TS, Dawson TE. 2013. Uncorrelated evolution of leaf and petal venation patterns across the angiosperm phylogeny. Journal of Experimental Botany 64:4081-4088.

Roddy AB & Dawson TE. Novel patterns of hysteresis in the response of leaf-level sap flow to vapor pressure deficit. 2013. Acta Horticulturae 991:261-267.

Brenes-Arguedas T, Roddy AB, Kursar TA. 2013. Plant traits in relation to the performance and distribution of woody species in wet and dry tropical forests. Functional Ecology 27:392-402.

Roddy AB & Dawson TE. 2012. Determining the water dynamics of flowering using miniature sap flow sensors. Acta Horticulturae 951:47-54.

Brenes-Arguedas T, Roddy AB, Coley PD, Kursar TA. 2011. Do differences in understory light contribute to species distributions along a tropical rainfall gradient? Oecologia 166:443-456.

West TO, Marland G, Singh N, Bhaduri BL, Roddy AB. 2009. The human carbon budget: an estimate of the spatial distribution of metabolic carbon consumption and release in the United States. Biogeochemistry 94:29-41.