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    1. The Pandemic Has Dramatically Changed Rural Attitudes toward Government

      August 18, 2020

      A new Yale-led study found that the Covid-19 pandemic may have at least temporarily altered some historical anti-government attitudes that tend to be stronger in rural communities, particularly in the West. 

    2. Wherever the Sun Shines: Bringing Solar to Low- and Middle-income Communities

      July 16, 2020

      A new guidebook based on research by YSE scholars offers a roadmap for installing rooftop solar panels in communities that are often overlooked when it comes to promoting renewable energy solutions.  

    3. Red Lights to Green Lights: Toward an Innovation-Oriented Sustainability Strategy

      June 30, 2020

      In the 20th century, environmental policy centered on telling people what not to do. Daniel Esty makes the case that we need to move people away from traditional, top-down regulations and toward a system of incentives that promote innovation and problem solving.

    4. Building Public and Political Will for Climate Change Action

      June 30, 2020

       One important means to achieve meaningful reductions in carbon emissions is government policy, yet there remains a critical lack of ‘political will’ for climate action. One important influence on government leaders is engaged citizens who demand action, says YSE’s Anthony Leiserowitz. 

    5. T water faculty 01 fracking

      Science as a Foundation for Policy: The Case of Fracking

      June 30, 2020

      Some research on the impacts of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on public health has yielded unexpected results — including findings that some expected risks have not materialized. The history of fracking offers important lessons on the proper role of science in environmental policy.

    6. hartford connecticut river   1

      New Study Examines Whether COVID-19 Virus Has Entered Rivers and Streams

      June 29, 2020

      Yale researchers are studying whether the COVID-19 virus is present in streams and rivers, a first step to determine if it could then be transmitted through rivers and streams to humans.

    7. Supporting Research in the Tropics During the COVID Era

      June 29, 2020

      Each year the Tropical Resources Institute sends students across the world to conduct research in the world’s tropical regions. This year, of course, is not like most years.

    8. Fire1 James Brothers

      Firefighters Battling Wildfires in U.S. West Face a New Threat this Year: COVID-19

      June 25, 2020

      Wildland firefighters who already face many risks during a typical season are confronted by a new threat this year: COVID-19. In an interview, Yale student James Puerini, who spent five years as a wildland firefighter, discusses why these firefighters are vulnerable to the virus and how government can better protect crews by providing healthcare assurances.

    9. Feasting Wild: Alum’s Debut Book Searches for the ‘Last Untamed Food’

      June 23, 2020

      In her debut book, “Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food,” Gina Rae La Cerva ’15 M.E.Sc. chronicles our relationship to “wild foods” by tracing the shift in America from foraging and hunting to wild foods becoming expensive luxuries. 

    10. Decline in Green Energy Spending Might Offset COVID-Era Emissions Benefits

      June 22, 2020

      Researchers have documented short-term environmental benefits during the  COVID-19-related lockdown, but that silver lining could be far outweighed by a long-term decline in clean energy investments, a new Yale-led study finds.