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  1. YSE News

    Interview with Herb Bormann

    June 9, 2012

    In this article, originally published in 2000, Herb Bormann reflects on the idea that resulted in the Hubbard Brook Study.

  2. F. Herbert Bormann
    YSE News

    F. Herbert Bormann, Helped Discover Acid Rain, Dies at 90

    June 9, 2012

    F. Herbert Bormann, an ecologist at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies who along with Gene Likens discovered acid rain in North America, died on June 7 in North Branford, Conn. He was 90.

  3. YSE News

    $5.5 Million for Yale Reforestation Program

    November 15, 2011

    A Yale program that aims to restore tropical forests and the livelihoods that depend on them has received a six-year, $5.5 million grant by the Arcadia Fund to continue its work in Latin America and Southeast Asia.

  4. YSE News

    U.S. Rivers and Streams Saturated With Carbon

    October 17, 2011

    The researchers assert that a significant amount of carbon contained in land, which first is absorbed by plants and forests through the air, is leaking into streams and rivers and then released into the atmosphere before reaching coastal waterways.

  5. YSE News

    Growth of Cities Poses Significant Global Environmental Risks

    August 22, 2011

    Researchers from Yale, Arizona State, Texas A&M and Stanford predict that by 2030 urban areas will expand by 590,000 square miles—nearly the size of Mongolia—to accommodate the needs of 1.47 billion more people living in urban areas.

  6. YSE News

    The Science of Pollen

    January 1, 2000
  7. YSE News

    Streams and Rivers Breathing Carbon Dioxide

    January 1, 2000

    Yale researchers showed that waterway carbon dioxide emissions are much higher than expected, and more than high enough to warrant more respect if researchers want an accurate view of the planet’s carbon story.

  8. YSE News

    A Benevolent Goddess Begins to Melt

    January 1, 2000