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  1. Mumbai, India
    YSE News

    Infrastructure Inequality Is a Challenge to Urban Sustainability

    April 4, 2022

    A first of its kind study focusing on infrastructure inequality finds that infrastructure inequalities are ingrained in the urbanization process.

  2. F. Herbert Bormann
    YSE News

    Celebrating the Legacy of F. Herbert Bormann

    March 28, 2022

    Bormann, who taught at YSE from 1966-1992, was one of the scientists credited with the discovery of acid rain and his research was a major contributory factor towards the amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990.

  3. Graphic of a simulated mountain range of overlapping colors
    YSE News

    New Horizons Conference to Elevate Voices Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Environmental Field

    March 23, 2022

    A line up of speakers from industry, government, NGOs, and the media, among other sectors, will share their expertise in environmental justice, institutional diversity, and other environmental topics at the annual conference.

  4. Joe Orefice inspecting maple tree taps at Yale-Myers Forest
    YSE News

    New YSE Program Helps Sweeten the Sustainable Production of Maple Syrup

    March 17, 2022

    A new extension program at Yale-Myers Forest will help sugar producers enhance production in sustainable ways.

  5. Aerial drone view of Madeira river, igapo igarape lake, Amazon rainforest landscape in Rondonia, Brazil
    YSE News

    New Study Aims at Calculating Terrestrial Carbon’s Role in River and Stream Emissions

    March 15, 2022

    Emissions fluxes that contribute to the global emissions budget between terrestrial carbon cycle and carbon dioxide from water bodies vary seasonally and regionally.

  6. nfcc-2
    YSE News

    New Initiative Connects the Northeast’s Forest Farmers

    March 8, 2022

    The Forest School at the Yale School of the Environment has helped establish the Northeast Forest Farmers Coalition, an education and outreach program designed to help the region’s forest landowners build forest farming operations.

  7. Small boat with water rescue crew in a flooded residential neighborhood
    YSE News

    IPCC Climate Report’s Clarion Call for Action

    March 7, 2022

    The most recent report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a body of experts convened by the United Nations, gives a stark of the effects of climate change globally and is a clarion call for action. Professor Daniel Esty discusses the key messages.

  8. Standing vicuna
    YSE News

    Human-induced Disease Outbreak in Animals Causes Cascading Ecological Effects

    March 7, 2022

    The increased spread of human-induced diseases to wildlife poses a growing challenge for ecosystem conservation. A Yale School of the Environment-led study that investigated the impacts of a mange outbreak that killed vicuñas in a protected area in the Argentine Andes found that it had unique effects on the ecology of the region.

  9. urban-sprawl-square
    YSE News

    What is Driving Urban Land Expansion?

    March 1, 2022

    Considerable research has been conducted on the growth of urban population, but very little is known about why urban land areas expand. In a recent paper, a YSE-led research team investigated the role of population and economic growth in affecting urban land expansion for more than 300 cities.

    YSE News

    Report: Businesses Should Play Key Role in Addressing Environmental and Social Issues

    March 1, 2022

    The Center for Business and the Environment’s just-released study of 2,035 global business students found students increasingly believe that business leaders and the private sector should play a vital role in addressing environmental sustainability and social issues.

  11. Swayambhunath "monkey temple' overlooking the rooftops of Kathmandu, Nepal
    YSE News

    Cities Can Be Part of the Solution in Sustaining Species

    February 28, 2022

    Urban land expansion of up to 1.53 million square kilometers of new land will threaten the survival of more than 800 species but a focus on urban planning that protects habitats can mitigate the impact.

  12. wet-market-bushmeat-square
    YSE News

    Reframing the Controversial Bushmeat Trade

    February 14, 2022

    With the origins of the COVID-19 spurring conversations around the consumption and trade of wild animals from the global South, Yale researchers are taking a closer look to understand the role of “bushmeat” to create a more balanced narrative.

  13. Electric cars charging
    YSE News

    PNAS Study: Promise of EVs Depends Critically on Electricity Generation Sources

    February 14, 2022

    Shifting to electric vehicles in the future will reduce emissions due to less burning of gasoline in internal combustion engines. But a significant share of this benefit will continue to be offset without complementary policies designed to lower emissions from the sources of electricity that come online to meet additional demand.

  14. Illustration showing interconnected industrial systems
    YSE News

    The Center for Industrial Ecology: Pathfinders in Life Cycles and Resource Reuse

    February 7, 2022

    This is the first in a special series that takes an in-depth look at Yale School of the Environment’s Centers, Programs, and Initiatives. This month’s focus is on the Center for Industrial Ecology, which seeks not only to advance our understanding of the environmental impacts of production and consumption on an international scale, but also to be part of tangible solutions.

  15. Flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy
    YSE News

    New Report Details Steps Needed to Build Climate Resilience in Vulnerable Connecticut Communities

    February 4, 2022

    A new report on climate resilience in Connecticut is recommending that the state take more steps to dismantle underlying inequality that makes vulnerable communities more susceptible to the effects of climate change.