Through Her Eyes: Women of
F&ES Reflect on Place and Purpose

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Last week three F&ES students released a book, “Through Her Eyes: An Exploration of Place and Purpose,” which they describe as a platform for the women of the F&ES community to share their motivations, passions, histories, fears, and triumphs. 
Through original photography and the reflections of 26 women in the F&ES community — including students, faculty, staff, and alumni — the book strives to balance “the celebration of womanhood’s ongoing contributions in the struggle for justice with the understanding that our actions are part of a larger, more complex conversation that must be inclusive of all.”
It was produced by Allyza Lustig ’17 M.E.M., Amber Collett ’17 M.E.Sc., and Chandni Navalkha ’16 M.E.M. and includes photographs by 12 members of the F&ES community. Hard copies are available in Kroon Hall, room 105. The book can also can be viewed online
In an introduction, Lustig, Collett, and Navalkha write that the book aims to inspire the entire F&ES community “to defy expectations on all fronts and expand the scope of what is possible.”
“These stories and photography ground us in a community of women here at F&ES, and it is our hope that this publication will serve to celebrate diversity, inclusion, equity, and the work that’s being done to understand and coexist within our world,” they write.
View “Through Her Eyes: An Exploration of Place and Purpose.”
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Through Her Eyes 2016 3
Through Her Eyes 2016 2
Left: Sara Rose Tannenbaum. Photographed by Jules Luthringer
Above: Stephanie Ratte. Photographed by Sarah Sax
Through Her Eyes 2016 Page 07 copy
Through Her Eyes 2016 4

Hannah Walchak. Photographed by Emma Akrawi

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Through Her Eyes 2016 1

Above: Alyse Putnam. Photographed by Jules Luthringer
Right: Becca Shively. Photographed by Amber Collett

Through Her Eyes 2016 5
PUBLISHED: May 5, 2016

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