Yale President Peter Salovey with School of the Environment Dean Indy Burke

President's Podcast: An Earth Day Conversation with Dean Indy Burke

For Earth Day, Dean Indy Burke joined Yale University President Peter Salovey on his monthly Yale Talk podcast for a conversation covering a wide range of environmental issues including:

  • The latest IPCC report and what can still be done to mitigate climate change.
  • How ‘smarter’ cities can be an important part of the ‘mitigation equation.’
  • How universities can drive solutions to climate change and help policy makers and the public implement sustainable actions.
  • Carbon pricing, carbon capture, and the potential of the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture.
  • The groundbreaking work being done by Dr. Tony Leiserowitz and the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication. (Preview: Meteorologists are key to influencing public attitudes on climate change in their local communities.)
  • A Yale Center for Business and the Environment survey of global business students in which more than half say they would accept a lower salary to work with a sustainability-forward employer.
  • How YSE is preparing future leaders to pursue positive change for society.

Tune in for this insightful Earth Day 2022 discussion!


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New research led by the Yale Carbon Contain Lab encompassing 750,000 acres of coastal areas in the U.S. finds that mollusks play an important role in the health and growth of salt marshes.

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Loss of Tropical Biomass Due to Climate Change Could Lead to Increased Carbon Emissions

A YSE-led study predicts that losses in carbon-storing biomass in tropical forests due to climate change could accelerate global warming.

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