Let's Ketchup: Initiative Brings
F&ES Community Closer Together

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Melanie Quigley, left, and Jennifer Sabol.

As we slide into cooler months, staff members at F&ES are recalling the days of summer with a “let’s ketchup” initiative inspired by an A Priarie Home Companion style raffle back in July held by Associate Director of Finance, Jess Foote.

This initiative is an opportunity for staff to take a break over coffee to meet someone new. Melanie Quigley, Director of Strategic Initiatives, and Jenn Sabol, an F&ES budget analyst, were the first to have a go at the coffee date and had a great time discussing the joys of raising four-year-olds.

Staff members, watch out for invitation coming your way! Questions about this? Email Melanie.quigley@yale.edu

PUBLISHED: October 28, 2015

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