F. Herbert Bormann

Celebrating the Legacy of F. Herbert Bormann

At YSE’s 38th Annual Research Day on April 8, the 14th annual Bormann Prize will be awarded to a YSE student whose work exemplifies the legacy of plant ecologist F. Herbert Bormann. Bormann, who taught at YSE from 1966-1992, was one of the scientists credited with the discovery of acid rain and his research was a major contributory factor towards the amendments to the Clean Air Act in 1990. This year’s award will be particularly poignant as March 24th of this year was Bormann’s Centennial — having been born on March 24, 1922, in New York City. View a gallery of past Bormann Prize winners.

Bormann Prize Winners

Photograph of a forest

Forest Fragmentation Research Earns 2021 Bormann Prize

Meghna Krishnadas’ doctoral research into how forest fragmentation alters the underlying mechanisms shaping patterns of tropical tree regeneration and forest diversity was recognized for its novel insight into ecological processes.

Peter Umunay yale   1

Forest Research in the Congo Basin Earns the 2020 Bormann Prize

Peter Umunay’s research, which explores ways to find a balance between conservation and economic development in the Congo Basin, earned him the 2020 F. Herbert Bormann Prize.

bormann prize 2019

Research on Fracking Impacts Wins 2019 Bormann Prize

Given rare access to a hydraulic fracturing well site in Pennsylvania, an F&ES doctoral student revealed a surprising finding about the impacts of fracking on groundwater — research that earned her the 2019 F. Herbert Bormann Prize

IMG 8627

F&ES Student Researchers Take Center Stage in Day-long Conference

Forty-nine master’s students, doctoral students, and postdocs from the School community presented their research during the 34th annual F&ES Research Conference.

keiser yale field work

Study Linking Microscale Processes with Landscape Impacts Wins Bormann Prize

Ashley Keiser ’16 Ph.D., who studies how microbes in the soil respond to changing conditions aboveground, has won the 2017 F. Herbert Bormann Prize.

miller studies remains

Bormann Prize Honors Research Aimed At Reducing Carnivore-Human Conflicts

Jennie Miller '15 Ph.D., whose research has explored an emerging method of spatial mapping to reduce conflicts between humans and carnivores, won the 2015 F. Herbert Bormann Prize.

graef bormann prize

Bormann Prize Winner Honored For Study in ‘Green Sovereignty’

A published paper exploring the relationship between landscape imagery and national self-identity in Costa Rica helped earn Dana Graef, an F&ES doctoral student, the 2014 F. Herbert Bormann Prize.

2013 Bormann Award

Hurricane-Inspired Study Earns F&ES Student Inaugural Bormann Prize

F&ES doctoral student Yoon says he considers Bormann, who died in 2012, a personal hero and views Bormann's work as one of environmental science’s “great success stories.”

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