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Business and the Environment

Students who engage with this LC join a dynamic circle of scholars and practitioners who are thinking about the many opportunities and challenges for businesses in developing more sustainable approaches to meeting human needs.

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    Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture

    Finding solutions to climate change through advances in natural carbon sequestration.

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    Centers & Programs

    Center for Industrial Ecology

    Leading the way in an emerging field, the Center for Industrial Ecology focuses research, teaching, and outreach on how resources are converted to products, the pollution that comes from these processes, and opportunities to reduce resource use and pollution.

    Centers & Programs

    Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering at Yale

    Taking sustainability to the molecular level, the Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering supports chemists and engineers whose scientific and technological breakthroughs are crucial to the future success of the human economy.

    Centers & Programs

    Yale Center for Business and the Environment

    CBEY takes an interdisciplinary approach to teaching and training leaders who combine business and the environment to address urgent global resource issues.

    Centers & Programs

    Affiliated: Tsai CITY

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    Sustainable Procurement Key to Lowering Carbon Footprint

    As more companies focus on reducing their carbon footprint, there’s one element that is key but often overlooked — reducing emissions from their supply chains.

    Photo of Tony Cisneros and Caroline Ebinger

    YSE Students Spicing up Trail Foods in Sustainable Ways

    Mesa, a startup run by Tony Cisneros '21 MEM and Caroline Ebinger '22 MEM, seeks to provide nutritious backpacking meals while supporting core planetary health principles. 

    Portrait of Eli Fenichel

    Eli Fenichel Named to Office of Science and Technology Policy

    Eli Fenichel, the Knobloch Family Professor of Natural Resource Economics, has joined the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy and will serve as assistant director for natural resource economics and accounting.

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    YSE's learning communities span across all master's and doctoral degree programs.

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    Learning Communities

    YSE's Learning Communities were created to offer robust interdisciplinary experiences and networks. Students may engage with as many learning communities as they choose, regardless of their degree program or specialization.