2017 Class Gift

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In looking back on the past few years at F&ES, we’ve come to appreciate just how much this school has given us: the friendships, the memories, the incomparable education, and the opportunity to change the world for the better.

For these reasons and more, we’ve joined together to lead the 2017 Class Gift, to give a little back to a place that has provided so much. Our goal is to hit 100% participation, meaning that everyone in the Class of 2017 makes a contribution to the gift at a level they feel comfortable with. What’s most important is that we all come together as a community.

For every $1,000 raised, a new scholarship is created for an incoming member of the Class of 2019. This follows in the tradition of past classes, including the Class of 2015 which created scholarships for our class, and the Class of 2016 last year which raised $5,356 last year.

You can find us on the top floor of Kroon to make a gift in person (and pay a visit to Sageboy!), or you can contribute online here. (Just click “New Gift” and the F&ES business office will process it correctly. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you from all of us and from the incoming Class of 2019!

The Class of 2017 Gift Agents

Ethan Addicott
Logan Ashcraft
Sam Geldin
Milagros De Camps German
Kevin Lee
Ann Robertson
Ben Serrurier
Sachi Singh
Eva Wang
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Honor Roll

Anonymous (9)
Ethan Addicott
Dena Adler
Nikola Alexandre
Vinay Ananthachar
Logan Ashcraft
Andre Bobek Lopes
Lindsay Brewer
Laura Calderon Etter
Megan Carr
Pooja Choksi
Joanne Choly
Alex Co
Maanya Condamoor
Emily Connor
Santiago Cortés Villota
Michael Cox
Deanna Cox
Elizabeth Creech
Milagros De Camps German
Bart DiFiore
Elizabeth Domenech
Danica Doroski
Vaaruni Eashwar
Emily Farr
Kat Fiedler
Taylor Ganz
Samantha Garvin
Lynsey Gaudioso
Sam Geldin
Tyler Gibson
Rebecca Gildiner
Rachel Gulbraa
Laura Hammett
Juliana Hanle
Connor Hogan
Heidi Hurd
Pamela Jao
Olga Kachook
Nate Kaufman
Erin Kelly
Allison Khoe
Siegfried King Valenzuela
Qiying Kuang
Ana Lambert
Kevin Lee
Melissa Legge
Jessica Leung
Zoe Lloyd
Rachel Lowenthal
Allyza Lustig
Jared MacLane
Sanjna Malpani
Chris Martin
Ali Masoudi
Katie McConnell
Luke Menard
Michelle Mendlewicz
Katy Mixter
Paul Molta
Caroline Muraida
Lucyann Murray
Dickson Njunge
Lun Ou
Leonora Pepper
Philip Picotte
Serena Pozza
Abhilasha Purwar
Stephanie Ratte
Brian Reed
Britain Richardson
Ann Robertson
Marisa Rodriguez-Mcgill
Catherine Rothacker
Ariel Russ
Olivia Sanchez Badini
Sarah Sax
Joe Schiavo
Sara Schwartz
Corey Scult
Cherono Sego
Ben Serrurier
Rebecca Shively
Sachi Singh
Joya Sonnenfeldt
Preeth Srinivasaraghavan
Katie Stege
Christina Stone
Rebecca Terry
Zachary Turk
Jayson Uppal
Hannah Walchak
Eva Wang
Max Webster
Leana Weissberg
Lindsay White
Emily Wier
Ewin Winata
Kata Young
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