Summer Seminars

Summer Seminars

Every other Thursday evening in June and July, the Yale-Myers camp fills up with community members and students gathering for the Summer Research Seminar Series. Members of the local community, visiting scholars, faculty and students present their work at this popular annual series. All seminars are open to the public and refreshments are served.

In the past, topics have included:

  • New Methods for Predicting the Future of New England Forests (Craig Brodersen PhD; Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies)
  • Bird Diversity and Abundance in Shelterwood Harvests of Yale-Myers Forest (Hale Morrell MESc ‘15)
  • The Quiet Corner Initiative: An Update (Julius Pasay MF ‘14)
  • The Ecology of Wood Rot and Decomposition (Daniel Maynard PhD)


  • Ecology of above and below ground old field communities in a changing world (Robert Buchowski & Adam Rosenblatt, Yale F&ES)
  • Backyard Frogs: Estrogen, Sex, and Suburban Living (Maxime Lambert, Yale F&ES)
  • Traits Structure Wild Bee Communiy Composition across a land-use gradient (Katherine Urban-Mead, Yale F&ES)
  • White Nose Syndrome and Bat Conservation in New England (Christine Kocer, United States Fish and Wildlife Service)


  • Food Webs in Small Temporary Ponds (Meredith Atwood, Yale F&ES)
  • Amphibian conservation: at the crossroads of stress and infection (Emily Hall, Washington State University)
  • Rivers and Watershed Health in the Quiet Corner (Jenn Hoyle, Yale F&ES)
  • Plant defense and herbivore offense in old-field ecosystems (Karin Burghardt, Yale F&ES)



  • Connecticut woodland owners (Mary Tyrell, Global Institute of Sustainable Forestry)
  • Methane production of New England forests (Kris Covey, Yale School of Forestry)
  • Oak mastings and their importance for wildlife (Michael Gregonis, CT DEEP)
  • Carbon levels after timber harvests (Kayanna Warren, Yale School of Forestry)


  • The impact of beavers on our landscapes (Denise Burchsted, Keene State University)
  • The effect of fear and defense mechanisms on wildlife in Connecticut meadows (Dror Hawlena, Yale School of Forestry)
  • Native American settlements in New England (Dr. Robert G. Goodby, Franklin Pierce University)
  • Understory plants of New England (Marlyse Duguid, Yale School of Forestry)


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