Meet the leadership, faculty, and staff at the heart of The Forest School (TFS).

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    The Forest School (TFS) Core Leadership 

    • Mark Ashton, Senior Associate Dean 
    • Gary Dunning, Executive Director
    • Sara Santiago, Assistant Director 
    • Lisa O’Brien, Senior Program Administrator
    • Thoko Changufu, Postgraduate Associate
    • Wyatt Klipa, Postgraduate Associate

    To learn more about our management team and governance group, visit our About page.

    YSE Faculty, Scholars, and Lecturers Affiliated with TFS

    Within the YSE faculty, there are 12 endowed professorships that are dedicated to forestry in perpetuity. Below you will find these faculty members among others who are affiliated with TFS. Please refer to the YSE faculty directory for more details on forest-related faculty.

    TFS-Affiliated Faculty and Scholars

    • Paulo Brando, Associate Professor of Ecosystem Carbon Capture
    • Michael Dove, Margaret K. Musser Professor of Social Ecology
    • Eli Fenichel, Knobloch Family Professor of Natural Resource Economics
    • Xuhui Lee, Sara Shallenberger Brown Professor of Meteorology
    • Sparkle MaloneAssistant Professor of Ecosystem Carbon Capture
    • Florencia Montagnini, Senior Research Scientist, and Director, Program in Tropical Forestry and Agroforestry
    • Joseph Orefice, Lecturer, Forest Management & Operations and Agroforestry 
    • Barbara Reck, Senior Research Scientist
    • Luke Sanford, Assistant Professor of Environmental Policy and Governance
    • Gerald Torres, Professor of Environmental Justice

    External TFS-Affiliated Faculty and Scholars

    • Morgan Grove, Lecturer, Urban Forestry
    • Lawrence Kelly, Professor Adjunct of Tropical Botany, New York Botanical Gardens
    • Fabian Michelangeli, Professor Adjunct of Tropical Botany, New York Botanical Gardens
    • Deborah Spalding, Lecturer, Forest Finance
    • Ina Vandebroek, Assistant Professor Adjunct of Ethnobotany

    TFS Center and Program Staff 

    Yale Forests

    • Mark Ashton, Director of Yale Forests
    • Marlyse Duguid, Director of Research
    • Joe Orefice, Director of Forest & Agricultural Operations
    • Nora Hardy, Research Coordinator and QCI Program, Postgraduate Associate
    • Gracie Bachmann, Forest Manager, Postgraduate Associate

    The Forests Dialogue (TFD)

    • Gary Dunning, Executive Director; Lecturer, Global Forest Issues, Forest Sector Leadership, and Stakeholder Engagement
    • Liz Felker, Associate Director
    • Lisa O’Brien, Program Administrator

    Environmental Leadership and Training Initiative (ELTI)

    • Eva Garen, Director and Principal Investigator; Lecturer, Tropical Forest Restoration and Political Ecology
    • Gillian Bloomfield, Program Manager
    • Pablo Montes, Program Coordinator
    • Cecilia Rogers, Online Certificate Program Postgraduate Associate 
    • Luke Browne, Online Certificate Program Postdoctoral Associate 

    Tropical Resources Institute (TRI)

    • Simon Queenborough, Musser Director

    Urban Resources Initiative (URI)

    • Colleen Murphy Dunning, Director
    • Chris Ozyck, Associate Director
    • Anna Pickett, Development & Outreach Manager
    • Miche Palmer, GreenSkills Manager
    • William Tisdale, Greenskills Field Supervisor
    • Joshua DeAnda, Postgraduate Associate
    • Michael Freiburg, Postgraduate Associate

    Yale Forest Forum (YFF)

    • Gary Dunning, Executive Director
    • Thoko Changufu, Yale Forest Forum Coordinator, Postgraduate Associate

    Yale Applied Science Synthesis Program (YASSP) 

    • Sara KuebbingDirector of Research
    • Weier LiuPostdoctoral Associate
    • Lisa EashPostdoctoral Associate
    • Laura ToroPostdoctoral Associate
    • Wyatt KlippaPostgraduate Research Fellow

    Forestry Learning Community (FLC)

    • Mark Ashton, Faculty Director
    • Sara Santiago, Staff Manager
    • Tristan Irwin, Student Coordinator
    • Jennifer Jung, Student Coordinator