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Insectopedia book cover


In Insectopedia, Hugh Raffles, D.F.E.S. ’99, probes the vast insect world from A to Z. It is loaded with facts—some profound, others curious and still others uproariously funny. The book is also part personal memoir, part scientific detective story and part cultural study. He travels the Amazon, visits Chernobyl and enters laboratories and sidewalk cafes in search of insects and the ideas and cultures they inspire. Insects stir eerie fascination: they are beautiful, disgusting, important and annoying. To some they are tasty. To others they are a source of sexual fetish. Insects become windows into our culture, science, health—even our psyche. The more we learn of insects, the more we come to face—and sometimes even challenge—our own views of the world. The book is published by Pantheon. To purchase a copy, visit  www.amazon.com or  www.indiebound.com to locate an independent bookseller.