Yale Environmental Dialogue

Yale Environmental Dialogue event at the Aspen Institute in Washington D.C.
Robert Little
The Yale Environmental Dialogue kicked off Climate Week in New York City with a panel event at the Yale Club.

Last year, we launched the Yale Environmental Dialogue with an aim of injecting new energy and fresh thinking into the national conversation about sustainability. It’s been a busy year.

We’ve talked with economists in Atlanta, students in Arizona, and policymakers in Congress — asking everyone to share their Big Ideas for achieving a sustainable future. We’ve been encouraged by these conversations and struck by how eager most of us are to move beyond partisan divides and develop  the workable solutions we need to ensure a healthy future for ourselves and the planet. We’re entering 2020 with renewed optimism, ready to keep the dialogue going, and looking forward to hearing more of your Big Ideas!

Atlanta event pic
Julie Zimmerman, Dean Indy Burke, and Kenneth Gillingham at a YED event in Atlanta, Georgia.
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Thomas Easley records an episode of the Yale Environmental Dialogue podcast.
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Dan Esty and Dean Burke in the U.S. Capitol before meeting with key congressional leaders. 

Listen to the Yale Environmental Dialogue Podcast

If we really want to tackle environmental challenges, we must confront a difficult reality: people most affected by pollution and environmental degradation often aren’t included in the conversation, and that includes people in communities of color across the U.S. Making sure that everyone has a seat at the table will require us to rethink how we communicate about the environment, says Thomas Easley, assistant dean of community and inclusion at YSE. In this episode, Easley speaks with Michael Twitty, a student retention specialist at the New Haven Adult & Continuing Education Center. Together, they are trying to bring together students from each of their schools to take the idea of environmental justice from abstract concept to real actions achievable in their communities.

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