Responding to COVID-19 at YSE

The Yale School of the Environment (YSE) will welcome back students to campus for the start of the fall semester. At the same time, the School will also offer remote learning to students who are not able to or have made the decision not to attend in-person classes at this time. The health and safety of the entire community will be our top priority. Please refer to this page for the latest academic updates and other information about returning to campus and the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on YSE operations.
Please also refer to Returning to Yale: The Academic Year Ahead and Yale's Health and Safety Guidelines for university-wide announcements and information.

Fall 2020 Key Points

Yale Community Compact

All students will be asked to sign a Community Compact as a condition for returning to campus.

COVID-19 Screening and Health Precautions

We will strictly follow University protocols for viral testing and all other health measures stipulated for students, faculty, and staff, which will continue to be updated based on public health conditions.

In-Person, Hybrid and Remote INSTRUCTION

For Fall 2020, YSE courses will be delivered in three formats: in-person, hybrid, and remote. To find the delivery format for any individual course, look in the “Fall 2020” column on the YSE course listing. Importantly, these designations are provided based on how the faculty member intends to teach the course. Regardless of the delivery format, all courses will be set up for synchronous zoom participation, recorded, and posted to the respective course Canvas pages for asynchronous viewing.

*Note: Because of the complexities of gateway testing for all students, and the need to strictly monitor space use, all YSE classes will be held online for week 1 – August 31 – September 4. This additional time will ensure that everyone is able to get their results back from gateway testing and that registration for courses is settled enough for the Academic Affairs team to ensure that no more than the maximum allowed number of students will be in any room.

Campus Spaces

All buildings except Kroon Hall and the restroom in the front vestibule of Marsh Hall will be closed to community members except for those with assigned offices who have been authorized to return to campus. The BYO Café and all shared kitchen facilities will be closed. Two tents will be installed Two tents will be  installed, one beside Marsh Hall and one in the Kroon Courtyard, to serve as classroom and meeting spaces. Schedules detailing the week’s events will be posted outside of each tent. Socially distanced studying will be allowed in Kroon Hall until 7 p.m. A health and safety monitor in Kroon Hall will help ensure compliance. 

International Students

International students are currently facing visa delays and travel restrictions, which may require them to start the program online until they can get to New Haven. We are preparing for students to participate in school activities online from distant time zones. 

Archive if YSE Updates for Fall 2020

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