F&ES 984b / 2019-2020

Energy and Climate Change Policy Practicum

Credits: 3

Spring 2020: Th, 2:30-5:20, Kroon 319

This course provides an opportunity for students to apply knowledge and skills gained at F&ES to energy policy projects conducted for client organizations. At the outset of the course, students pair with client organizations (e.g., nongovernmental advocacy organizations, companies, etc.) to work on current energy policy projects for the remainder of the term. Students are presented with a menu of potential projects; they may also propose organizations and projects, subject to approval by the instructor. Students work in groups or individually, depending on the nature of the project. They are expected to work ten hours per week on their projects, including weekly discussions with clients and with the instructor. After choosing a project, students work with clients to prepare and submit a work plan. Over the remainder of the term, they work directly with clients to produce project-specific products, such as draft legislation or regulations, policy briefs, analytic studies, or white papers. Students submit a portfolio of these project products for evaluation during the reading period. In addition, student performance is evaluated based on project work plans, as well as summary presentations made during the final weeks of class. Project-related work comprises the bulk of the course, but is supplemented by guest lectures and discussion with the instructor.