F&ES 964b / 2019-2020

Large-Scale Conservation: Integrating Science, Management, and Policy

Credits: 3 or 6

Spring 2020: Th, 1:00-3:50, Sage 32


Environmental sustainability is a societal goal. Achieving it at large scales is difficult in practice. Ideally, the ultimate goal of large-scale efforts is to improve “human dignity” for all people so that they can live in and enjoy healthy, sustainable environments. But many problems confront professionals and citizens. For example, trend and condition data show species, ecosystems, and environmental systems are being overused, stressed, or degraded. This undercuts our efforts to approximate sustainability in practice anytime soon. In addition, our institutions for science, management, and policy are not presently designed to address conservation at large scales, so learning and change have been slow to nonexistent. Our overreliance on assumptions of scientific management, bureaucratic systems, neoliberalism, and traditional techno-rational experts is part of the problem. As a consequence, enduring solutions have remained elusive, and ordinary, governance, and constitutive problems are growing at many locations.

Limited to 18